Rollerskating and Skating Fitness

Rollerskating and Skating Fitness gives you a  Great Program for Great Results

Our rollerskating and skating fitness program will help with your balance, stamina, and general health. Skating is safer on your joints than running or jogging while giving you similar results.

We are offering skating fitness sessions to adults, kids, and competitive skaters. We currently have a speed skating club, and an artistic and freestyle club. All coaches have been given the guidelines for training skaters during restrictions.

Book a fitness session, rent the rink for 25 people, or join our speed or artistic training camps.

Please note that everyone entering must pay admission during the reduced capacity imposed by California Guidelines for reopening.

Speed Skating
Speed skating builds any skater into a fast and agile skater.


Artistic Skater

Artistic Roller skaters

moxi Skate

Work It Out

Roller Skating  for 1 hour burns 600 calories.

Rollerskating and Skating Fitness is 2 times safer than the Park, 3 times safer than football and baseball, 4 times safer than Basketball, and 5 times safer than cycling.

Roller skating builds major muscle groups including Glutes, Abs, Quads, calf, and arms.
50% less Stress on joints than running.

Safe Skating Rollerskating Facts

adult skater

Moving is Fitness

Walking and running are great, but skating is a safe whole body workout. Add moves and you will burn over 600 calories or more per hour. Rollerskating and Skating Fitness takes time just like a jog or run.

derby style

Skate Training

Inline speed, artistic freestyle and dance skating are rigorous workouts. Derby skaters need to learn speed and agility, All skaters need floor time skating to get exercise. The act of actually skating is the fitness, and once you learn a skill you need to practice that skill on skates.

Family Fitness

Families Train

Many of our clubs have families who train together and even compete at local, regional, and National Competitions. You can’t build up your  balance and stamina at home.